Silent Meditation Retreats

October 11-13 and October 13-18, 2024
At Loretto Retreat Center on the grounds of Loretto Motherhouse in Kentucky

Who am I?  Why am I here?
Where do I go? How do I find freedom, peace and joy?

​​In the silent company of the other retreatants and with the guidance of Zen master Olaf Muyōju, you will find time to be with yourself and your own life questions.

Unifying body, mind, and spirit, time spent on retreat can be deeply grounding and liberating. Click here for an example daily schedule.

Weekend Mini-Sesshin

Friday evening to Sunday noon

Oct 11-13
Single room $350
Shared room $260

This weekend retreat is particularly well-suited for newcomers who have not practiced meditation before. Click here for an example daily schedule.

Five-day Sesshin

Sunday evening to Friday morning

Oct 13-18
Single room $670
Shared room $490

The Five-day Sesshin follows a similar daily schedule as the Mini-Sesshin.

Seven-day Program

Friday evening to Friday morning

Oct 11-18
Single room $920
Shared room $680

If you would like to participate in both the Mini-Sesshin and the Five-day Sesshin, you are welcome to register for the full Seven-day program.


You can apply for a scholarship using this application form.

​Please consider making a scholarship donation to enable others to participate.

Comments from past participants

It was my very first experience of retreat and I went there with lots of questions. Contrary to my apprehension, everything moved simply and I could follow with ease. I even had the feeling of being “cleansed” at some point, which was precious. I am glad I went and will seriously consider doing it again. Thank you.


The retreat was wonderful. The silence gave me such gratitude for all of the gifts that are in my life. The sense of community that I experienced during the retreat was also warm and comforting. Thank you for your dedication and compassion.

Thank you so much!!


The retreat was incredibly refreshing and has inspired me to commit to my meditation practice. After even the short weekend, I felt rejuvenated and ready to start a new phase in my life. I feel truly blessed that I was able to be around such a warm group. 🙂   Thank you — I will absolutely be back next time!


As a novice, I anticipated nothing, nor could I ever have imagined what it turned out to be: lovely, deep serenity, despite the fact that my mind would endlessly dash and jump about. Soothing and healing, and I thank you for your efforts in putting it together. It was the palpable sense of belonging that was the most valuable for me. Isn’t silence a gift?


The retreat was a transformative experience for me—a novice to Zen, although I had some very limited experience in centering prayer and mindfulness meditation. I really appreciated the warmth and acceptance that was shown to me by all and look forward to the opportunity to participate in retreats and other activities your group may sponsor in the future as I am able. I am also determined to keep up my own meditation practice at home and have even ordered my own mat and cushion.

Thank you for your patient guidance of the beginning of my journey with Zen meditation. Since the retreat, (and now that I have purchased a comfy cushion for use at home!), I am finding more success with my daily practice. I’m beginning to see the fruits of joy and peace that come with regular meditation. Despite this being my first experience with a retreat of this kind, I had no trouble embracing the spirit and practice of the activities and I believe the experience drew me closer to God, which was my hope. Observing silence in the midst of a group of people made the weekend a unique mix of solitary and communal experience.


I had not gone to a silent retreat before, or spent an entire day and a half in meditation. I found that with coaching I improved in my ability to just breathe. I have been able to carry the practice of breathing and observing into regular life.  It is very calming. I am glad I attended and will again.


I thought the event was well planned. The place was outstanding and very relaxing. I would join any future planned retreat by you in a heartbeat.


Maybe the retreat was an important meeting point with myself, at a special time with practice.

The poetry meeting on Sunday was lovely. I’d like to share a text by Jūkichi Yagi (1898-1927):

A stark white road
stretches on.
It’s an autumn day
like an opening split into
a warm and new night.


Samu was great for me. It took a day or two before I found my place… with a small bush near the driveway. Crawling into the undergrowth, pruning, opening it up to let in sun and air, bringing forward the main branches… a being and doing that well represented what transpired in my heart/ mind. I loved it.


I was hemming and hawing over signing up for the silent retreat; it didn’t seem like something I “needed” to do, but I felt I was getting way too “busy” and my mind was running rampantly. I definitely needed to do something about that. I’m so glad that I bit the bullet and went for it because it allowed me the chance to step away from everyday life and really appreciate what that meant, life, and living it every day. It was difficult to quiet my mind and to be fully there, but I got the hang of it by the end of the retreat. Spending time in gratitude and attending to myself in the present is something I am very grateful for. Since the end of the retreat, I have tried to reclaim those sentiments, even if for a few minutes a day. And I have felt more at ease; it has certainly become easier for me to release some of the tension I didn’t know I was constantly feeling in my body, all the way to my bones. Everything feels a little bit lighter and my sights shifted a little. I wouldn’t hesitate to join in the future.  Thank you again, for this opportunity.